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Pricing / Fees

Our Process

For all camera services, the cost of each repaired product is dependent on a series of factors, such as the type of camera (DSLR vs. P/S), the number of parts needed for repair, and the severity of the issue. Therefore, we strongly encourage our customers to bring their products to our location in order to have a proper consultation about your repair.

Please note that in order to initiate any repairs, a diagnostic test is first conducted to accurately assess the issue and provide clear feedback to the customer before initiating the repair. We believe this protocol benefits customers, as they are able to then make an informed decision on whether or not to follow-through with the repair.

Please note a minimum diagnostic fee is charged to cover the labor costs, which is then deducted from the total, should you choose to follow-through with the repair.

  • For a single point-and-shoot camera, the diagnostic fee is between $20-$30
  • For a DSLR, the diagnostic fee is between $35-$45
  • For phones, the diagnostic fee is $20
  • For tablets, the diagnostic fee is $30
  • Expect a higher minimum labor charge if water damage is present