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We service a wide-array of electronic products, including all major brands. The following compilation is a list of common repairs we conduct at VanCam. If the service you request is not mentioned, please contact us.

  Camera Services

  • General Clean and Check
  • Sensor Clean
  • Repair Focusing System
  • Repair Shutter Assembly
  • Repair Exposure System
  • Repair Zoom Mechanism
  • Repair and Rebuild Optical Units
  • Repair Flash System

  Lens Services

  • General Clean and Check
  • Replace Mounts
  • Repair and Replace Focusing System
  • Repair Zooming System
  • Straighten Filter Rings
  • Replace Filters/Filter Rings
  • Repair/Replace Diaphragm Unit

  Binocular Services

  • Repair, Clean and Re-align

  Phone Services

  • Screen Replacements
  • Battery Replacements
  • Power Button Replacements
  • Glass/Digitizer/LCD Replacement
  • Rear Housing Replacement
  • Speaker/Ringer Replacement
  • Charging Port/Mic Replacement
  • Home Button Replacement

  Tablet Services

  • LCD Replacement
  • Battery Replacement
  • Glass/Digitizer Replacement
  • Charging Port/Mic Replacement
  • Wifi Cable Replacement
  • Power Button/ Headphone Jack Replacement