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Located in the heart of Vancouver, VanCam Service has been committed to providing the highest quality of camera service-repair work to its customers for over 35 years, making us a leader in this city’s camera-repair industry. Due to our high standard of business, we are considered a top recommended choice from major retailers within Greater Vancouver. Our team of factory-trained professionals use current testing equipment and industry best practices to ensure your product is repaired in an economical, timely and efficient manner.

We specialize in repairing all major brands of digital cameras and film cameras. In recent years, we have expanded our repertoire to include the repairs of flashes, lenses, and binoculars.

At VanCam, our goal is simple; to ensure our customers are left feeling satisfied with their repaired product. In the event there is a concern or issue with your repaired product, please return it within the 90-day warranty.

Bir Arneja

Manager and Owner

A dedicated family man and leader in the camera-service industry, Bir Arneja is a prime example of what hard work and motivation can accomplish. Over the past 40 years, Bir has been actively involved in VanCam, working alongside the previous owner, Horst Wenzel. During this time, Bir learned to master the craft of camera repairs and gained valuable knowledge and insight into the camera service industry. Over the past 8 years, Bir has owned and operated VanCam, taking an active role in building a company that people trust in.

Beginning his career in the electrical field, Bir received his Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering. Since then, Bir developed a passion to pursue a career in the camera-service industry and as a result, has been professionally trained by Canon, Olympus, Nikon and Rollei. As technology advanced, Bir kept pace with these changes by understanding new camera functions and operating under these new advancements. Today, he has acquired over 40 years of experience in the camera-service field.

Bir’s diligent hard work and commitment to VanCam has made his company the success it is today. As he continues to maintain quality service, Bir remains to be a pillar in Vancouver’s camera-service industry.

Who is Vancam

Cracked your screen? Need your camera repaired real quick? Bring it into Vancam.

Have a problem with your camera lens? Bring it in to us for top-notch service. We take every precaution and care while your camera is with us.

We have trained professionals servicing a wide range of smartphones.

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