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Frequently Asked Questions

Answering all queries

Our repair services are tailored to a wide selection of cameras, both digital and film cameras. This includes all major brands (Nikon, Sony, Canon, Hasselblad, Minolta, Nikon, Olympus, Rollei, and Pentax). If your brand of camera is not listed in the aforementioned, please contact us to determine if we can service your camera.

Yes! We repair lenses and binoculars as well. Feel free to bring these items into our store to be serviced.

Simply put, a diagnostic test is a test to determine the main cause of the problem and determine a solution to repair the issue. At VanCam, we follow this method to ensure our customers know exactly what is wrong with their camera before any repairs are conducted. We will only conduct a repair with your permission.
A fee is associated with a diagnostic test in order to compensate the labor costs. For a point-and-shoot camera, expect a fee of $20-$30. For a digital SLR, expect a fee between $35-$45. Should you choose to follow through with a repair, the diagnostic fee will be deducted from the total due.
Please note these fees are subject to change if water damage is present in the camera.

Our turn-around time is dependent on a series of factors, including, the severity of damage to the camera, our availability of spare parts, etc. We will use our best efforts to complete your repair in an efficient time and accommodate any rush repairs.

All our parts are sourced from the manufacturer, using original parts for all our repairs.

This may occur for a variety of reasons. We may be awaiting the arrival of an item from the manufacturer to repair your camera, there may be a high volume of repairs during this time, your camera may have greater damage than expected, etc. If you are at all concerned about the nature of your camera repair, please contact us.

Our hours of operation are Monday – Friday (10am – 6pm). Saturday (10am- 2pm). Closed on Sunday.

Yes. We are located at 1666 West 8th Ave. Between Pine St. and Fir St. Available paid parking is located right outside our building.

Please contact us to determine the status of your repair.